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Latest Bose Connect App Update

Latest Bose Connect App Update

A surprisingly popular product, the noise canceling headphones of Bose, has received a major update. The Bose Connect app, which is designed to work with the headphones, has been updated to include a new feature - the ability to share sound with a partner.

The "joint listening" feature, which is now available through the app, is activated by holding your phone near the headphones. It can then be controlled by tapping the screen, which will share the sound with the other person.

The update also includes the ability to change the equalizer settings on your headphones, a feature which is exclusive to Bose products.

Volume Control for the Bose Headset Audio:

Users can now adjust the volume output of the Bose headset audio independently from the volume output of the music being played on the Bose Music app.

Auto-Sync of Existing Playlists:

Users can now have the Bose Music app automatically sync playlists from iTunes with the Bose Music app when the two are connected.

Improved General Application Performance:

The Bose Connect app has been updated to provide better user experience.

Added Feedback and Rating Prompt:

There is now a prompt within the app that asks users to rate the Bose Connect app in the App Store.

Added a Promo Code:

Users now have the option to enter a promo code at checkout for a chance to win a Bose QC35 II.

Various Bug Fixes:

  • Improved General Application Performance.
  • Fixed the issue where the app crashed when users attempted to enter a promo code.
  • Fixed the issue where the app crashed when a user attempted to delete a playlist.
26 Apr 2021